Best Pumpkin & Ginger Soup

A soup is perfect for this cold season. It contains loads of vegetables and heats you from the inside. For dinner or lunch, a Pumpkin & Ginger Soup is always a good idea.

Either if you try to avoid some heavy meals with a lot of carbohydrates in the evening, or you just want to use the pumpkin you just bought on that farmer market on the weekend, try out this Pumpkin & Ginger Soup. 

Rose & Black Tea Latte

The only good thing about winter is that you can enjoy some cozy days in your home and do not need to have a bad conscience that you didn't go outside. And exactly for this days, I created the Rose & Black Tea Latte recipe for you. It's perfect for this lazy Sundays or an evening at home after a stressful working day. Holding a warm cup in your hand and smelling the scent of the roses is just wonderful. At least you can enjoy this few minutes winter-depression-free ❤️

Sun-dried Tomato Pesto

I am a very big fan of pasta, even if they make me a little bit tired and give me a blown up stomach. It's not possible for me to turn my back to pasta, ever. 

Therefore, I made this sun-dried tomato pesto recipe for all the pasta lovers out there. It's very intense in the taste. Sun-dried tomatoes have such an intense flavor and mixed with some fresh basil leaves and roasted pine nuts, they are perfect for a quick lunch or dinner. You can make the pesto on the weekend when you have time

Pumpkin Mac and Cheese

Do you love Mac and Cheese? Then you will absolutely go for this healthier alternative Pumpkin Mac and Cheese. It's so creamy and rich in taste -> I did eat it straight out of the pan 🙈

Persimmon Porridge

If you are looking for a warm breakfast, especially now when the temperatures start to drop very quickly, you should definitely try this recipe. 

I used spelt flakes and roasted them before I cooked them in a mixture of milk and water. I really love the smell of roasted spelt flakes, it reminds me of my childhood when we used to roast oatmeal and called it "Sandsturm" -> we ate it just like this with some sugar, crazy girls me and my 2 sisters 😍

Homemade Mayonnaise without Egg

Are you afraid of doing a homemade mayonnaise with an egg yolk? Or did you ever experiment a mayonnaise fail? I did a few times, that's why I came up with this no-fail homemade mayonnaise recipe for you. Instead of an egg yolk, I used evaporated milk and it worked just fine. 

Salmon on braised balsamic red cabbage

This braised balsamic cabbage is the perfect companion for salmon. I cooked the salmon just slightly in a buttered pan, which was rubbed with garlic halves before, and seasoned it with lemon zest and the Épices De La Mer spice. 

The Épices De La Mer spice contains salt, algae, pepper and cornflower. The light blue from the cornflower and the green from the mixed algae gives your fish a very nice color. And it is very tasteful 💜 You can buy it in your Coop Supermarket (sorry, just available in Switzerland 🙈). 

Spiced Hazelnut Milk

Imagine it's an early morning, you have to get up and make yourself ready for work. Still in your pajama, you are opening your fridge and there you find a big bottle filled with spiced hazelnut milk. You reach for it and drink it in one go as it is so delicious and quenches your thirst in the morning. I promise you, your mood will be so good!

Vegan Hot Chocolate

As I am experimenting a lot with dates as a sugar substitute, I wanted to know how it works in hot chocolate. And I have to tell you it's fantastic. It's sweet, but not sugar sugar sweet (if that makes does to me) and makes the chocolate quit rich and creamy. So here is your Vegan Hot Chocolate!!! 

How to make nut milk

Did you ever do your milk by yourself? Not, so let's do it.

I am going to show now you how simple it is. 

All you need is nuts, a nut bag and a blender.

Just to tell you, this week I am going to show you many recipes you can make with your nut milk - it's my personal nut week and I hope you are all in with me 😍

Apple and Beetroot Smoothie

I have totally fallen in love with beetroots :)

So this week I am going to represent you my very delicious apple and beetroot smoothie. It's loaded with vitamins and some protein from the linseeds. And the best is, that it comes in such a beautiful bright purple.