Hello, I'm Aline.


The creator behind Aline Made!



Aline Made | Homemade with Love


Aline Made = Homemade with Love

My secret ingredient for every recipe is LOVE and PASSION!

I am a very passionate hobby cook and love to share and enjoy my homemade yummy dishes with friends, family and YOU. 

In April 2017, I have started to take pictures of my food with my iPhone 6s and share it on Instagram. A few pictures later, I attended a food photography and food styling workshop in London, where I have fallen in love with my Canon EOS 600D (I must admit that I never really understood how to use this great camera in full action...).

My photo studio is set up in my 2.5 room apartment in Basel where I develop all recipes, cook and of course do the food styling and photography. 

I do love and drink a lot of smoothies as they are giving me the right power and vitamins for the whole day.

I hope I can inspire as many of you with my recipes for a healthy and balanced nutrition.


In Love